Member Support

Member Support


  • Click here to log into BNI Connect.
  • Locate the "Renew Now" button on your homepage. Payment by credit or debit card or by e-check must be made at the time of renewal.
  • If you choose to take advantage of PayPal Credit, renew first, selecting "Other" as your payment type then pay immediately through PayPal.

NOTE: Anytime you renew and pay through PalPal, please make sure that you FIRST renew online by clicking the link above. On the payment screen, select "Other" as your payment type. Then come back to this link and click 'Buy Now' below. We must receive both your renewal and payment prior to your renewal date or the late fee will need to be added.


Miscellaneous Fees

Transfer Fee - $50.00 - This fee should be paid when:

  • A member is transferring membership to another member with the same company that has been approved for membership in the same chapter.
  • A member is transferring from one chapter to another and has 12 months or more left on their membership. If the member has less than 12 months left on their membership, they will pay the renewal fee + the transfer fee.
  • A member is changing their industry/classification. This fee is waived if the industry/classification is made at the time of renewal in the Member Details section of the online renewal application. This transfer of industry/classification must be approved by the Membership Committee.


 Reinstatement Fee - $50.00 - This fee should be paid when:

  • A member has voluntarily dropped their membership and has decided to return to the same chapter IF they have a Certificate of Credit available. If the former member does not have a Certificate of Credit available, they must pay the New Member Application fee + the yearly participation just like a new member.



Late Fee - $50.00 -  This fee should be paid when:

  • You renewed prior to your renewal date but did not pay until after your renewal date.
  • You paid prior to your renewal date but did not renew until after your renewal date



BNI University


You will receive an email with a temporary password in it once your membership has been added to BNI Connect. You will go to, enter your username or email address associated with your BNI Connect account, and enter that temporary password. You will then be prompted to change the password to the same password that you use for BNI Connect.

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