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Keep Moving Forward Webinar Series

Physically Distant, Socially Engaged

Thursday, April 23rd from 8:30 - 9:45 AM

We are now over a month into the practice of Social Distancing. Most of us have found a replacement for our office life at home amidst the strangers that peak in on the unusual conversations and activities involved with having a selling career. We have become physically distant from friends, family, peers, teams, management, customers, clients, and even prospects. The lack of being physically present for social interaction is taking its toll and has become daunting at best. Distractions have become the keeper of success for some, while for others, solitary confinement seems like a nice getaway. We now stare into the little camera on our laptops or have finally found consistent use for the webcam we pulled from its dusty home in the drawer we once placed it. Zoom has become the preferred method of gathering from business meetings to happy hours to family engagements. Toilet paper has become the new currency, while hand sanitizer has taken over as liquid gold. There is no doubt the predecessor of normal has found its place in our rearview mirror only to recognize a new leader has risen up and peered its ugly head finding rest right in front of us. We are physically distant, yet we remain socially engaged.

In all that has quickly changed form, business development and sales have been no slacker to the concept. The thought of meeting prospects and closing deals through digital and virtual means would have been laughed at by many six weeks ago, yet business continues to move forward. Companies are continuing to buy products and services, and it's all happening digitally through virtual social engagement.

Join us for the third webinar in our Keep Moving Forward series, Digital Prospecting, and Selling. We will be teaching how to find, nurture, and close business with virtual and social technologies. We have been driving new techniques and ideas that have been tested among our clients. We will be sharing these strategies and more. Sign up below!

Digital Prospecting and Selling Webinar

Presented by Andrew Gieselmann

Thursday, April 23rd

8:30 - 9:45 am

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Sandler Training
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(901) 361-5288 - Mobile
Brad Sugars, CEO of ActionCOACH®, will join us on 21st April at 4 pm ET on the topic of “How to Survive and Thrive Through this Economic Crisis.” Brad_Wire_01.jpg

Dr. Ivan Misner, BNI® Founder will be hosting a Facebook Live "Ask Ivan" one-hour event on April 16 at 11:00 am CST.

I will be sharing a few "Moments of Giving" stories first. I will then be taking questions.  I would love to see what questions you and your members have for me.

The event will be live here:


Steve Farber, Founder of Extreme Leadership Institute, will join us on 14th April at 4 pm ET on the topic of “Leading with Love in a Time of Fear.”



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